Entrepreneurs of North Carolina History Exhibit

Bio Pharma Scientists

1889Lunsford Richardson & Vicks VapoRub

Vick'sLunsford Richardson was determined to start an international business that would help his home state rebound after the Civil War. His most important invention was Vicks Croup and Pneumonia Salve. Now called Vicks VapoRub, this remedy combined a poultice and avaporizer to clear up congestion. News of Richardson's invention spread fast by word of mouth.

Since the salve was selling extremely well, Richardson decided to expand his business. He founded the Lunsford Richardson Wholesale Drug Company in 1898. In 1905, Richardson established the Vick Family Remedies Company. His son H. Smith Richardson served as the company's sales manager beginning in 1907.

Thanks to Lunsford Richardson's ingenuity and his son's marketing savvy, Vicks VapoRub became a household name. In 1985, the Vick Chemical Company was sold to Procter & Gamble.

Goody's1932Martin Goodman & Goody's

As most pharmacists were doing at the time, Martin “Goody” Goodman compounded his own headache relief powder called Goody’s to sell to individuals and wholesale providers. One of his wholesale providers, A. Thad Lewallen, Sr. of Bennett-Lewallen Wholesale Candy and Tobacco Company, purchased the formulaand the rights to Goody’s in 1936. Lewallen used innovative advertising to build a larger marketing base and increase profits. He needed to ensure he would have repeat customers and came to depend on textile and tobacco mill workers. Goody’s continued its innovative marketing techniques in 1977 when it became one of the first non-automotive sponsors of NASCAR. Richard Petty, the undisputed "King" of NASCAR, became the company’s official spokesperson. Goody’s has also supported many philanthropic efforts in North Carolina.

Dennis Gillings1982Dennis Gillings & Quintiles

Dennis Gillings, PhD, founded Quintiles, Inc. in Chapel Hill, NC, where he was a professor of biostatistics at UNC. In 1998 Quintiles became the first contract research organization to break the $1 billion mark.

In 2007, Gillings gave $50 million to UNC's School of Public Health. Quintiles Transnational Corporation opened new headquarters in Durham in 2009.

1985Fred Eshelman & PPD

Fred EshelmanFred Eshelman started PPD as a one-person consulting firm. Today, based in Wilmington, NC. PPD has more than 11,000 professionals working in offices in 44 countries to advance drug development.

Eshelman is a 1972 graduate of the UNC School of Pharmacy.